What makes this as a favorite for growers is its high yield production that can go up to 500 g/m2. Although it has been mostly grown indoors, The Acapulco Gold Seeds for sale can still be grown outdoors. The finishing time can be from seven to eight weeks, with an easy manageability. The blackberry kush seeds might get you interested as well.

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The rich soils of Acapulco, Mexico has been sought after for its Gold. Now more than ever, it continues to be a source for a different kind of high quality valued gold. The Acapulco Gold Seeds have unique high, unlocking mind blocks, and releasing your creativity. With its potency, this strand is left mostly for experience smokers, with its
hard hits that may serve some dizziness. It’s hard to resist for those who have enjoyed it, having a deep woody finish combined with some earthiness. The relaxing feeling you can feel in minutes, calmly lifts you up into a euphoric state. Do not forget to check out other weeds at Dutch Seeds Shop.

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