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Auto Blueberry Buds are a fast flowering variant of the iconic West Coast strain Blueberry. Although Blueberry has been around since the 1970s, this indica-dominant strain’s popularity has only increased with age. When you consider Blueberry’s fantastic fruity flavors, high THC content, and ease of growth, is it any wonder Auto Blueberry seeds are so hot nowadays?

If you’re going to buy Auto Blueberry seeds online, then you should go with a trusted seed bank like Whether you order from our autoflowering cannabis, feminized seeds, or our high CBD strains, you can rest assured your seeds come with an 80 percent germination guarantee.

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Auto Blueberry Buds For Sale USA

Blueberry was introduced to the weed market in the 1970s and has remained a crowd favorite ever since. It has won several awards including 1st place overall and in indica categories in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup. It is a blend of Afghanistan indica and Thai sativa, though it sits on the indica dominant end of things with levels around 80%.

The blend offers an initial sativa kick that melds into and balances out a relaxing, body soothing indica buzz. This delightful hybrid is sought after by recreational users, medical patients, and cultivators alike. The indica genetics make for small plants that are easy to fit into small spaces but that still generate hefty yields.

These were hardy plants to begin with, but ruderalis genetics were added to this classic strain by breeders for added extra ease. These seeds are also feminized making for a plant so easy to manage that they are perfectly suited for novice growers.

Asking yourself how to go about getting started growing this awesome herb? is an excellent site if you want superior seeds and service. We source our genetically pure seeds from experienced growers.

We have a huge selection of different seeds, including more autoflowering and feminized options, CBD rich medical seeds, and natural seeds. All of our seeds are stored and transported in the perfect environment to maintain their germination gusto.

We even offer guarantees so you can feel confident in your startup! We also believe that it is important for our customers to have sufficient support as they embark on their growing operations and that is why we have an educated customer service team.

Our friendly staff members are available to answer questions and address any of your concerns. Use our online contact form or phone number to get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

What Makes Auto Blueberry Buds Strain Popular?

This old school strain has been around since the 1970s, and to this day is just as loved as it ever was! Auto Blueberry Buds has won numerous awards, including first place overall and first place indica at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup.

This delicious blend of Afghani indica and a Thai sativa results in a mouth watering flavor and smell. Although it sits on the higher end of the indica scale at 80% dominant, it doesn’t have a knock you down effect.

Our Auto Blueberry Buds produce buds that start with a sativa kick and meld into a soothing, relaxing indica buzz. This sweet hybrid is loved by recreational users, medical patients, and growers alike for its fragrance and flavor.

The indica genetics keep plants short and easy to fit in small grow setups, yet still produce hefty yields. The ruderalis genes added to the already hardy Blueberry results in an auto-flowering seed that makes growing this classic even easier, while the taste of the original is preserved. And, with feminized seeds, there’s no males to worry about.

This strain is very easy to grow and adapts well to different types of growing environments. This makes it a stupendous strain for the expert as well as the beginner grower, and those who grow this strain have a happy harvest.

Cannabis enthusiasts report mild effects, making it a suitable daytime smoke. Its relaxing effects are significant but do not deliver couch-lock levels. Excellent on occasions where you want a full, fruity flavor, without too much stone, this strain is the life of the party. Auto Blueberry Buds For Sale

Blue Berry Autoflower Medicinal Uses

You can rely on this sweet strain to relieve stress. It’s notable as an effective relaxant and is perfect for those coming home from a long day who want to unwind. The long-lasting high can also calm you into a night of restful slumber.

Effects vary from individual to individual, so cannabis fans can figure out what time of day this strain suits them best. Buy Auto Blueberry Buds Online

Blue Berry offers some significant therapeutic potential, which moved it into the ranks of one of the most beneficial medicinal strains on the market. Its balanced and potent effects can assist with a variety of physical and mental health conditions. Order Auto Blueberry Buds Online

The uplifting properties can help manage stress, depression, and anxiety, interrupting negative thought patterns and feelings. Just a few tiny vanilla-tasting puffs of this bud can help melt away the tension of the day.

This strain boasts some impressive inflammation-reducing properties too. It can help provide relief from chronic conditions like arthritis, spasms, cramps, aches, and pain. Don’t be upset if you find yourself with a case of the munchies though.

After all, this strain sounds like a dessert ingredient. An insatiable hunger helps those who want to stimulate their appetites, such as chemotherapy patients or those suffering from digestive disorders.

The culmination of this deep relaxation in mind and body is the benefit of restful sleep. Many people suffering from insomnia have enjoyed a sedate sleep thanks to this versatile strain. With so many applications, it’s no surprise this strain is as popular as it is!

Blueberry Bud Strain Review

Auto Blueberry Buds have the same fantastic aroma and taste as the original, including the smell of fresh berries during its flowering stage. This strain delights anyone who grows it and tries it because it tastes very similar to the way it smells! Fragrant, sticky buds recall fresh, ripe fruit at harvest.

The earthy, pine fragrance hangs around creating an enjoyable smell that appears in concentrates and extracts as well.

This strain has a similar structure to most hybrids and easily adapts to a Sea of Green (SOG) growing method. The thick branches can be spread horizontally, using a screen to support the production of resinous buds with rich purple tones. This strain has branch junctions that vary between 70 to 120 cm.

Gardeners who plant this strain enjoy high yields so it is no wonder so many cultivators call it a joy to grow. After about seventy days you can expect this variety to produce up to 180 grams per plant outdoors.

When growing indoors you can expect up to 400 grams or more per square meter. Blue possesses a distinct look. It flaunts shocks of green mixed with bright, blue beautiful tones.

Thanks to some innovative breeders who tweaked its amazing genetics, even rookies can grow a healthy, hefty crop. Simply start by planting our high-quality seeds in your garden and offering them some basic TLC. Our germination guarantee means you can rest assured that each female seedling will mature into its full potential, producing beautiful, tasty nugs.

Buy Blueberry Auto Fem Seeds In The USA

Whether it’s a modest garden at home or a large commercial grow, we at Buy Weed Worldwide understand how expensive and time-consuming growing can be. Blue Berry Auto Fem seeds do well commercially because their short flowering time gives you abundant and quick production. That’s why we have an outstanding selection of seeds for any grower.

You can browse, select and pay for your seeds from the comfort of your home. Orders are delivered anywhere in the US in discreet, secure packaging. We know improperly packed seeds can be damaged during shipping by moisture and air and that is why we take steps to ship them in the right environmental conditions.

Our easy, no-hassle, worry-free ordering and shipping means more time to tend your garden, or the other tasks associated with growing a garden of Eden.

Auto Blueberry Buds For Sale

When buying small or bulk orders from us it’s easy to choose the best strain, using our detailed descriptions and growing tips. Our payment platform is secure, and we value your privacy, as well as your business, so we’ll never share any of your information with anyone. Purchase Auto Blueberry Buds Online

Cannabis enthusiasts can take pride in growing and knowing their seeds are bred in the US for US growers. Our seeds will cultivate your joy, and ultimately your growing success. Growing the best starts with shopping from the best, and a company that cares about your final crop.

With so many different seed varieties Weed Seeds USA has the resources and germination guarantee for successful growing. Plus, the security and variety of our payment options, speedy delivery, careful packaging, and quality shipping methods, ensure you get what you pay for.

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