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Bred by crossing OG Kush and SFV OG Kush, Fire OG has a strong scent similar to Lemon Pledge. Its euphoric effects are potent and long-lasting, making this strain a favorite among consumers with high tolerances.

The plant has frost covered nuggets with red hairs, giving the appearance that it is on fire—which is, in part, where the name Fire OG came from. Fire OG plants typically flower in 9-10 weeks.


Buy Fire OG strain Online

Fire OG strain aka FOG or Hellfire OG is one of the most potent hybrid cannabis strains to come out of the OG family line. The Fire OG strain is known for it’s powerful and long-lasting high that can subdue even the most experienced smokers. FOG strain is known to be one of the top ten most potent cannabis strains around.


Fire OG strain was originally bred by OG Raskal Genetics and is a cross of the legendary California OG Kush with the San Fernando Valley OG Kush cutting.


Fire OG is a hybrid of 70% indica to 30% sativa and boasts an average THC content of 20-24%. Although it’s not rare to find some FOG phenos with even higher THC levels.

The strength of Fire OG is not to be underestimated as it will easily put even the most experienced smokers down for the count. Therefore this strain is ideal for high tolerance and medicinal users looking for an intense, pain-relieving and relaxing experience.

It’s best to start with one or two puffs of this stuff because even heavyweight smokers will be floored and left drooling by this powerhouse of a strain.


Dense cherry-sized buds with a super sticky coating of resin, blazing red hairs, and a distinctly lemon Pine-Sol smell are all hallmarks of Fire OG. The buds also reveal a pungent earthy and diesel fuel-like aroma. The smoke tastes deeply piney, herbal and can be quite expansive on the lungs.


Almost immediately, an intense and terrific energetic blast hits your head and produces a disorienting feeling accompanied by waves of warmth rushing throughout the body. After the first hour, the high becomes more relaxed. Buy Fire Og Cannabis online

As a result it gently brings you deeper and deeper into a stress-free and slumberous place. Some serious munchies and couch lock will ensue along with the usual cottonmouth and dry eyes. Buy Fire Og Weed Online


This is probably not the best choice for a productive daytime strain. The lfire OG strain is a mighty pain reliever that delivers a stupefying and enduring 3-4 hour body high. Many medical Marijuana patients use Fire OG for its ability to relieve chronic pain. It also helps with muscle aches, spasms and insomnia associated with anxiety and nervousness.


Fire OG can be a difficult strain to grow and is recommended for more experienced growers. However, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t worth a try. Just be aware that Fire OG does best in a dry climate with very stable warm temperatures and good air circulation.

Outdoors, Fire OG can produce 15oz/plant and usually finishes in mid to late October. It is advised to grow Fire OG preferably in a warm southern or Mediterranean climate. Grown indoors, the average yield is 14oz/m2 and standard flowering time is 10-11 weeks.

If you want a more energetic high you can harvest at 9-10 weeks. But otherwise letting it go the full 11 will produce a more relaxed and indica feeling high. This fire OG strain will grow to medium height. It has a fair amount of stretch and a good leaf to bud ratio making for easy trimming.


The resinous trim makes for potent and delicious concentrates or edibles. With so many Kush varieties to choose from, Fire OG strain is ready for when you decide to take a step to the next level of fire marijuan strains.

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