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Buy Watermelon Skittles Weed can be considered a potent hybrid strain with characteristics similar to a sativa, producing enormously resinous buds. It comes from an amazing combination between Watermelon and Zkittlez, and it stands out for being robust, strong and easy to grow in pretty much any climate or area.

Thanks to this delicious Watermelon Zkittlez fusion, you can enjoy fruity flavors and tropical aromas that make for an energetic sensation when consumed. Thanks to its slight indica-dominance this hybrid is ideal for fighting stress, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing moment of positivity.

Barney’s Farm’s history began when their founder Derry began to trek to the Himalayas, where he learned about growing various cannabis strains. There, he learned to differentiate between phenotypes, THC levels, flavors and aromas.

Later, Derry learnt even more about growing cannabis thanks to working with landrace seeds from Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, India, China, Tibet, Burma and Vietnam. From this moment onwards, Derry began to make his very own stable hybrid strains.

After learning a lot about growing cannabis, Derry moved to Amsterdam, where he decided to keep studying cannabis strains. His goal was clear; turn his ideas and seeds into what would become Barney’s Farm. It didn’t take him long to be recognized in coffee shops around Holland until he eventually came onto the international scene.

Barney’s Farm is currently one of the most prestigious cannabis seed companies, leading in feminized seed production. They also play an important role in the cannabis industry, market and growing culture when it comes to researching landrace strains. They’ve been studying in their laboratory since the 80s.

Buy Watermelon Skittles Weed

Barney’s farm seeds are 99% female seeds when germinated, which allows you to make up for the time when it comes to getting rid of unwanted male plants. This seed bank has won some of the most important competitions in the cannabis seed world thanks to its high quality and credibility.

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